March Madness: The SOS Elite Eight

FEATURED SOSWe put the SOS SWEET SIXTEEN to vote and were surprised by a few upsets. The scores were close, proving every vote counts. How close was it?!?  Visual Walkabout took down Silence is Golden with 54% of the votes. Tweet! Tweet! upset Fakebook with 53% of the votes.

Based your feedback, we are thrilled to reveal your selection from the ELITE EIGHT.

Help your favorite strategy make it to the FINAL FOUR and in doing so gain access to our SOS Community Grid which provides you quick and easy access to all SOS by listing the titles, descriptions, links to the PDFs and videos, and provides skill based categories!

Before you vote, be informed by reviewing the resources for each of the brackets below. Then, cast your vote here!

Bracket 1

Snowball Fight: Video Vignette or PDF
AEIOU: Video Vignette or PDF

Bracket 2

3 Truths, 1 Lie: Video Vignette or PDF
Vocabulary Scavenger Hunt: Video Vignette or PDF

Bracket 3

Tweet! Tweet!: Video Vignette or PDF
Connect the Dots: Video Vignette or PDF

Bracket 4

They Said What?!?: Video Vignette or PDF
Visual Walkabout: Video Vignette or PDF

Cast your vote here for your favorite strategies and receive our SOS Community Grid!


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    • Jannita said:

      Hi MaryAnn! You’re in luck! We are in the process of uploading them to Discovery Education now. Soon they will be searchable.

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  2. Amy said:

    I still like AEIOU! So versatile for upper elementary.

  3. Susan said:

    I love these strategies. The explanation is clear and concise while providing an opportunity for students to evaluate and synthesize information. I like seeing what other teachers have had the most success with the March Madness bracket.

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