iMake iLearn – Science Fair Build Night

iMake iLearn

This year we were given the opportunity to rethink the Science Fair at our school.  In the past our Science Fair has been presentations of trifold cardboard experiments.  The value of students pursuing an area of interest and documenting their learning has never been a question in my mind but unfortunately science and discovery need to be available for all children.  Many of our children were not participating and we wanted to try to rethink our Science Fair.

In addition to the trifold cardboard presentations we added the following experiences for our students.

Makey Makeys

Instructables donated 5 Makey Makeys for our students and parents to play and create.  The banana piano, carrot piano, playdoh controller, dance mat, and interactive Minecraft EDU mat were big hits.  Thanks to Max and Kyllan for finding a way to create an interactive mat so students could play Minecraft too.

Sphero Mazes

Our after-school group created an awesome maze based on the book by Dr. Suess – Oh the Places You Will Go.

LED Bookmarks

Using the LEDs that were donated from Instructables, families created LED bookmarks.

3D Printing

Our 3D Printers were debuted with families after the arrival of 4 2nd Generation Cube printers last week.

To see pictures and footage from the night, visit iCreate iLearn.