5 Ways to Use Discovery Education – March Edition

Follow the bouncing ball.

We hosted our second 5 Ways to use Discovery Education on Monday. This month we had a bit of a March Madness theme. In case you missed February’s edition, the blog post gives you the highlights. These monthly webinars showcase the community and many resources available to you within Discovery Education.

I started things off talking about March Madness and the  Spotlight on Strategies resources.  You can find them inside of Discovery Education by typing in the keywords “Spotlight on Strategies”, or by going to our ongoing blog series here: https://blog.discoveryeducation.com/blog/tag/sos/. This DEN STAR Dennis Grice shared a strategy that he loves called Connect the Dots:

While it lost out during the Elite Eight round, it still is a great strategy,  Here is the Video Vignette that Dennis helped crate and the  PDF for you to use with your students.

I passed things over to Kyle Schutt to share about the new Community tab within Discovery Education where you can find more about all the activities in Discovery. From there we headed over to the Community page where you’ll find all the wonderful things happening almost every day.

Kyle made a nice bounce pass to me as I shared about a March Madness runner-up from 2014. Unlike this year, we pitted web tools against one another. Animoto almost won it last year but remains a simple, yet powerful tool. It continues to be a great way to represent student learning in short video form. Here’s a great example from a Deanna Duray showcasing student learning from one of our Egg Farm Virtual Field Trips.

Back to Kyle and he shared about the Young Scientist Challenge and all of the great resources and activities found there. To vouch for Kyle, he enlisted Cheryl Lykowski to share her experience.


Finally I finished things off by talking about the wildcard. This is the section where we look at using Discovery Education to foster the Arts, STEM, outdoor education and other non-core subjects. Karie Huttner shared how she uses Board Builder as she introduces her students to 3d Printing.

Karie’s blog is also a great resource for all the cool things she’s doing with 3d printing.

We’re grateful for those who attended and if you’re interested, please join us next month. Monday, April 27th at 7pm ET by clicking on the event at the Discovery Education Events calendar: http://www.discoveryeducation.com/Events/



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  1. Ketsana said:

    Thank you very much for sharing all the great ways to use Discovery Education. I am enjoying all the different resources, ideas, and strategies. It’s exciting to share them with my fellow teachers and students. Thank you again! I appreciate your time and efforts in delivering the Webex session on Monday.

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