Calendar of Cool: Vincent van Gogh Born!

Born on March 30 near Brabant, Holland, Vincent van Gogh is equally known for the swirling brushwork of his paintings and for his battles with mental health problems. Van Gogh worked as an art dealer, a teacher, and a missionary without much success.

starry night

Supported by his devoted younger brother Theo, he went to Paris to paint and to meet fellow artists Pissarro and Gauguin. It was after an argument with Gauguin that he cut off his own ear. Two of his numerous self-portraits include the white bandage that covered the results of this disturbing act.

van gogh2

Van Gogh is now considered a master of the Post-Impressionist school, which included Toulouse-Lautrec and Seurat among others, but in his lifetime he was a complete failure, selling only one painting for about $100. His best recognized works are his paintings of sunflowers and the wild Starry Night.


While van Gogh’s life was tragic, he brought a new and beautiful artistic point of view to the world. And that’s way beyond cool.

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