DEN Trend Report: 4/1/15

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How 3 Districts Empower Teachers as Tech Leaders (eSchool News)
By Laura Devaney
Plans to transition to digital, technology-rich environments are forming in districts across the country, but the success of those plans largely hinges on one thing: teacher buy-in. During an SXSWedu session, three school district leaders shared how they are empowering their teachers to be leaders when it comes to technology use and the digital transition.

Teacher-Leadership Movement Gets Boost from Ed. Dept. (Education Week)
By Ross Brenneman
U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has pledged continued support for the Department of Education’s Teach to Lead program, an effort that invites teachers to come up with ideas to promote teacher leadership in schools and offers them support for implementation.

Science Channel Launches ‘Support Our Science’ Initiative (Tech Times)
By Robin Burk
In an effort to encourage kids’ interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), the Science Channel and Discovery Communications recently launched their Support Our Science (SOS) initiative.

Finland’s Schools Are Overhauling The Way They Do Things. Here’s How (Huffington Post)
By Rebecca Klein
Finland’s education system, often held up as an exemplary model for the rest of the world, is on the verge of making some major changes.
For years, Finland has led the pack in international test scores, becoming a source of fascination for education policymakers and experts. Now, the country is changing the way it teaches students. Going forward, Finnish schools will be placing less emphasis on individual subjects like math and history, and will instead focus on broader, more interdisciplinary topics. The goal, according to Finnish leaders, is to provide students with the necessary skills for a more technological, global society.

Push for Private Options in Education Gains Momentum (Wall Street Journal)
By Caroline Porter
A growing number of statehouses are considering measures that would allow school districts, parents and students increasingly to use taxpayer funds to explore alternatives to traditional state-backed public education.

How Do Schools Respond to Competition? Not As You Might Expect (Washington Post)
By Emma Brown
The school-choice movement is built on the philosophy that competition forces schools to improve.
But new research on New Orleans – arguably the nation’s most competitive school market — suggests that school leaders are less likely to work on improving academics than to use other tactics in their efforts to attract students.

3 Tips for Implementing a Tech-Based Learning Environment (eSchool News)
By Margo Pierce
Making a digital leap isn’t simply a technology initiative; it’s planning and implementing a technology-based learning environment for all students – a digitally-enabled ecosystem that is continuously improving, according to one organization. But when educators have a limited understanding of how to successfully integrate technology within education, it might seem as though they’re facing an abyss.


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    There are interpersonal, skills based, and cultural dynamics that drive the sustained success of any sort of collaborative leadership practices or self managed organization school systems. Teachers and leaders who embrace the idea of teacher run schools should be very committed to extensive and ongoing training.

    None of us is as smart as all of us sounds like it’s true but it’s also true that all of us may not be so smart together.

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