SOS Championship Playoff Match

FEATURED SOSEach week, our March Madness playoffs have been a nail biting experience, as early favored strategies have been closely defeated by other standout contenders.  A few of my team members, who shall remain nameless, are pretty bitter their favorites are out! Your favorites are still in and this week’s scores were closer than ever.  With 55% of the vote, 3 Truths, 1 Lie, took out Snowball Fight. It’s quite possible the East Coast’s aversion to the white fluffy stuff may have helped swing the vote. With only 51% of the vote Visual Walkabout tossed Tweet! Tweet! out of the competition.

Now it’s time to blow the whistle and kick off our championship round.

Before you vote, be informed by reviewing the resources for each of the brackets below. Then, cast your vote here!

3 Truths, 1 Lie: Video Vignette or PDF
Visual Walkabout: Video Vignette or PDF

Cast your vote here for your favorite strategies and receive our SOS Community Grid and the BONUS SOS.



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