Welcome to Your Discovery Education Community

Whether you are just finding or spending time rediscovering our community, we wanted to take a moment to say welcome.  Since the launch of the community in 2005, we have grown and evolved because of the passion and dedication from the thousands of global members. People often ask, “What distinguishes your community from other educational groups?” The answer is simple… YOU!

Members of the Discovery Education Community know their most valuable resource is each other.  No matter where they (or you) are in their personal learning continuum, the community supports each other in the desire to integrate digital media and technology by connecting to the collective brain of like-minded educators and industry leaders through collaborative virtual and in-person events and sharing resources and tools that empower them as change agents in their learning environment.

We could tell you more, but we thought it would be better to let our members tell you about their favorite parts of the community. Here’s what the had to say.

Our members foster the culture of  joy in learning and inspire life long curiosity in the students and educators with which they work.

We hope this community has inspired you and you’ll connect with us more.

Start connecting now, by taking a moment to leave a comment,  letting us know something that you learned about from the video that you’re interested in exploring more.


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