Earth Day Student Activity

With Earth Day just around the corner, we will be sharing a variety of resources you can use in your classroom.

BoardBuilder is a great way for students to create custom projects, including informative flyers! Access this board here (US) (or here if you are from Canada) to save it to “My Content” and assign it to students!

Interested in learning more ways to maximize your students’ experience with Discovery Education? Explore our interactive training.

We’d love to see your student’s completed boards!

Email with a link to your students’ board
they may be highlighted on the Discovery Student Network Blogs!




Check out all of the Earth Day activities on the blog


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  1. Sonja Fehlmann said:

    This is great. I am having the students watch and discuss the video clips from Emily’s board. They then have to choose one of the forms of recycling and make their own Board highlighting the impact, resources and any other cool things they learned from watching the video Emily provided. They also need to find an additional video on the topic.

  2. Mae Custer said:

    Thank you for this Earth Day activity. I find the content appropriate for my middle school students with special needs and the format promotes the \think, talk, write\ technique which supports their language, social interaction, cooperative learning and writing skills. All of which coordinate well with the common core standards.

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