SOS March Madness Winner and a Winning Shot

FEATURED SOSA few weeks ago, we gathered information to determine your top 16 strategies and put them up against each other.  Every week, your favorite SOS battled their way to the top. After careful evaluation, we are thrilled to announce the true champion…. YOU for providing these winning strategies to creatively engage your students.

The March Madness winner is 3 Truths, 1 Lie, but every strategy had a winning shot, so in honor of the competition, we’d like to reveal a special SOS brought to you by Lance and Martha Rougeux.

Take a Shot

PDF and Video

SOS Big IdeaIn a basketball game, players have the opportunity to score 1, 2, or 3 points for making a basket, depending on the type of shot and how close they are. The best players are strategic about the baskets they shoot, aiming to earn the points that will help lead their team to victory. Why not give your students a similar opportunity? When students make choices about the work they do and the effort they put in, they begin to internalize and find ownership in that work. Repeated opportunities to practice making choices allow students to develop this internalization. Help your students Take a Shot at setting and reaching their academic goals by trying this strategy in your classroom!

SOS StepsMaterials: media segment, 3-5 teacher-generated questions

1.Locate a media segment that aligns with your curriculum goals.

2.Develop 3-5 related questions of varying levels of complexity.

3.Share the media segment with students. (Hint: This would be a great place to incorporate one of the other SOS Strategies that focuses on the use of video. Try Whittle It Down, A-E-I-O-U or Three Truths and One Lie.)

4.Ask students to tackle answering the questions. Let them know their responses will earn 1, 2, or 3 points each, depending upon the depth and accuracy of their responses. Have them set a goal for the points they want to earn.

5.Answers to the questions are scored according to a 1, 2, or 3 rubric that ranges from 1 (minimal response) to 3 (highly detailed and and/or elaborated) response.

SOS Sum It UpUsing the Take a Shot strategy is one way you can help students make choices that lead them to academic success. It can be adapted for any subject or grade level, because it is focused on asking students to answer questions at varying levels of complexity and is not specific to any particular content area or grade level.


SOS More Ideas1.Consider adapting the strategy by allowing students to collaborate with their peers. This could involve peer discussion prior to individuals answering the questions, or it could involve students peer-editing drafts of answers, so that responses can be fine-tuned to specific point levels.

2.Use the Discovery Education Global Wrap as the media source and make this strategy a weekly activity!

3.Have students keep stats on the scores they earn on their question responses. Add the stats to a journal entry where students reflect on whether or not they achieved the score that they established as a goal (see sample, below.)

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    I can’t wait to use this strategy. What a great way to incorporate real world events in to the classroom. What kiddos wouldn’t be motivated to be a part of March Madness? Thanks Lance and Martha.

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