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The house tends to stand divided: “Social Media is the best thing ever” or “Beware of that social media stuff.”   In my role, I often encounter advocates from both sides. I see points in both places, but we cannot deny that social media has the power to inform.  Steve Dembo once described Twitter as synonymous with having a lab full of educational scientists working 24/7 on our behalf to gather and share the latest and greatest information which they hand deliver to our social media front door step.

In an environment where budgets are being cut and time is being depleted, how is one supposed to connect more? The Discovery Education Community has solved this dilemma by providing opportunities for you to connect with your most valuable resource, each other, anytime from anywhere.

Though, we love our in-person and virtual (Seriously go register for one now. They are awesome) events, there are ways you can connect with us each and every day. The first and easiest way is to connect with us online. Social media allows thousands of Discovery Educators to connect with us to learn the latest updates in ways they are already comfortable connecting.

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Take a moment to explore at least one of the platforms above for the latest updates, follow our page, and leave a comment on one of the most recent posts.

Leave a comment below and let us know why you encourage educators to log into social media sites?  What is something you learned through social media? Who do you follow and why?


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