Spring VirtCon: April 25

This year, at Discovery Education’s Spring VirtCon, svc2015_featuredmembers of your Discovery Education Community are taking the lead and running the agenda.

April 25, 2015
9am – 4pm ET

Here’s the lineup:

Dennis Grice- 6 Ways to Show What You Know
Rachel Yurk- It’s About Learning, Not the Device
Todd Wirt- Embracing Failure in a Creative Classroom
Zulma Whiteford and Tracy Carpenter- Building Community through Creativity
Dacia Jones- Engage, Inspire, Expect, and Inform

Join us virtually or at any one of the many in-person events across North America. Every session will be broadcast LIVE with a full video feed to homes and the viewing parties. All sessions will be archived and available immediately following the presentation.

There’s even a certificate of attendance offered that you may use for PD credits.

Let’s grow together through creation, collaboration, and celebration. Join us!

Learn more here.