10 Ways to Discover Earth Day

We’re only three days away from Earth Day and my wife (Martha, teaches sixth grade in Harrisburg, pretty awesome teacher) asked me for some ideas.  So, in the spirit of Earth Day I decided that recycling and re-using others’ ideas was the best strategy.  But, I also wanted to compost, I mean compose, a couple of my own.  I hope you enjoy them.

earthEarth Day SOS: Six Word Story

Find one of the 1000+ images of the earth in Discovery Education and challenge your students to create a story about it using only six words.  Learn more about this instructional strategy here.

Travel to the Bomke’s Farm to Learn About Soil

Join us live from Bomke’s Farm in Springfield, IL as we celebrate all things soil!  Give your middle school students a deeper understanding of the nutrients and technology used on the farm from planting to harvesting and everything in between!

Thursday, April 23 at 1 PM ET

Get Some Popcorn and Engage Your Students in the Wonder of North America

I love Planet Earth and Life, but North America is my favorite Discovery Channel series.  Take some time this week to share segments from this amazing series with your students.  Check out the North America content collection for great resources that include the video content as well as teachers’ guides, writing prompts, and more.

Explore the Science of Soil through Interactive Widgets

These interactive widgets are great for student exploration or whole group investigation.

Not All Soils Are Created Equal

Exploring Plant Nutrients

Build a Terra Aqua Column with your Students

Using recycled plastic bottles and a few other supplies you probably have in your classroom already, you can create an ecosystem to teach your students about the water cycle, the effects of pollution and more.  Check out the step-by-step video resources here.

Earth CollageEarth Day SOS: Four to One

Select and display four images. Be sure to include at least one person/animal, place, and/or thing.

Have students quadrant off a sheet of paper and provide one minute per image for students to write about experiences they’ve had with the objects or facts they’ve learned through reading and/or viewing resources.
Have students share their notes in pairs or small groups highlighting commonalities.

In their pair or small groups, have students to create a sentence that includes the four shared images.

Learn more here.

Get Hands-On

Siemens Science Hands-on Lessons are free, awesome, varied by grade level and just waiting for you.  April’s theme is “We Heart the Earth.”

 Explore this step-by-step Lesson About Recycling

Emily Murn, author of Lively Lessons, has a fantastic post about Recycling.  Seriously, just read the post and follow Emily’s directions and you’ll have your class engaged in a lively discussion (hence the name).

Energize Your Classroom with Fantastic Content from STEM Camp

There are a ton of great resources and lesson ideas within Discovery Education STEM Camp: Energy that are a perfect fit for Earth Day.

Earth Day SOS: Visual Walkabout

Place a variety of pictures around your classroom and have the students make connections, ask questions and explore the concept together.  Here are the specific instructions.


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