Spring VirtCon: Watch it Live!


The time to join in on all the fun and learning that is Spring VirtCon is near. What do you need to know to be ready for the big day?

First, find a comfy spot. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the excitement. Next, grab your favorite note taking tools. You might want a note pad and pen, or maybe a handheld device or computer is more to your liking. Grab your internet enabled device. A tablet or computer probably work best.Fill your coffee cup and make a quick snack. Once things start hopping you’ll hate to pause things for a refill. It’s ok if you do though. We’ll be here waiting for you to return.

Now that you have everything you need, settle into your comfy spot and direct your device to http://www.discoveryeducation.com/springvirtcon2015/

That’s it.

Here’s what the day looks like:
9am—Opening Keynote – Don Levy
For All the World to See: The Transformation of Visual Storytelling

Visual communication is the universal language of humankind. Participants will explore how the increasing availability of digital production tools and a growing market of trained and experienced talent creates new and important opportunities to apply visual techniques to communicate, educate and develop understanding.

10am—Dennis Grice
6 Ways to Show What You Know

Testing isn’t the only way to assess students. Learn practical, concrete ways to give students ownership of their own learning and allow them to use their creativity to ‘show what they know.’

11am—Rachel Yurk
It’s About Learning, Not the Device

This session will explore instructional models that support the effective integration of technology into instruction. Educators will learn more about valuable digital resources and how to implement them to make the classroom environment stronger, while increasing learning and motivation.

12pm—Midday Keynote, Todd Wirt
Embracing Failure in a Creative Classroom

The digital transformation of classrooms worldwide has given students many opportunities to experience an environment of choice. With increased freedom and creativity, failure is naturally going to become a part of the process. Participants in this session will gain insights into designing their classrooms to foster creativity and embrace failure.

1pm—Tracy Carpenter, Zulma Whiteford
Building Community Through Creativity

This session will focus on infusing creativity in the classroom in order to create environments that transcend geographic limitations and provide spaces for students to create, make mistakes, collaborate and solve problems.

2pm—Matt Monjan
Farm to Table: A SAMR Immersion Lesson

Explore a Farm to Table transdisciplinary lesson through the lens of SAMR, an instructional model designed to help educators infuse technology in teaching and learning. Participants will leave this session with real-life examples and best practices that they can immediately apply in their classroom.

3pm—Closing Keynote, Dacia Jones
Engage, Inspire, Expect and Inform

Attendees will learn how to engage students with inspiring activities that raise expectations in the classroom, include students in the planning process and tie authentic learning to standards.


All the times are EDT, but the sessions are immediately archived. So no need to panic if you miss something. You can rewind.


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