5 Ways to Use Discovery Education – April Edition

Monday evening continued of our 5 Ways to Use Discovery Education webinar series.  Each month, we’ll be highlighting DEN Community members as they share 5 unique strategies, tools, or resources for using Discovery Education in your classroom.  In case you missed it, here are the educators that were spotlighted along with the resources we shared.

Our Spotlight on Strategy was the XO Let’s Go strategy modified by Sara Badiner of Michigan. As a high school English teacher, Sara needed to make some tweaks. Here’s how she explains it.


Here’s the original  video vignette and the PDF.

Kyle showcased the use of quick lists inside Discovery Education and the ways teachers use it to easily find content or play a looping set of media.

With our web tool portion, I re-introduced folks to Wordle. While it’s a tool that’s been around for a while using it to copy transcript videos as a pre-cursor to viewing was a novel idea for many. As well knowing that Discovery Education has many text-based resources where a word cloud serves to synthesize content proved to be a useful idea. I also shared this post from Edudemic on 45 ways to use Wordle.

Recipe for Innovation by Chobani is a great resource that teachers at all grade levels can use. In addition, we have an upcoming virtual field trip inside this company and you can register for the May 6th event and have your students interact with inspiring entrepreneurs. Karen Zilhaver shared how she has her students interact and participate with virtual field trips.

Finally, Kyle wrapped things up by sharing how Jeannine Shields uses Discovery Education for her work in STEM.

We’re grateful for those who attended and if you’re interested, please join us next month. Monday, May 18th at 7pm ET by clicking on the event at the Discovery Education Events calendar: http://www.discoveryeducation.com/Events/




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