Spring VirtCon 2015

by Brian Goodwin

Students around the country are growing up in an age of technology where books are fossils and paper tests are telegrams. Following along with a non-interactive lesson plan just to prepare for a quiz does not stimulate the young mind anymore. Teachers have taken notice of the risk of being closed-minded in their approach and are incorporating the tools of technology to create a more engaging environment. This was on full display April 25, 2015 in Silver Spring, MD at Discovery Education Spring VirtCon 2015.

If you joined in the webinar on Saturday you saw the amazing level of creativity teachers have implemented in their classrooms. One example came from the use of imagination and descriptive interpretation. The presenter highlighted a classroom activity called Monster Swap. Monster Swap involves giving students a description of a monster that was drawn in another classroom using the KidBlog website, and comparing how each student sees the monster in their own eyes. The different drawings of the monster were shown to enlighten students on thinking outside of the box. The lesson proved popular as teachers commented on classroom activities because it helped the students feel comfortable with having their own opinion.

The Discovery Education staff also broadcast some of the many new features available on the website, such as the Interactive Training Courses and student dashboard assessment in Techbook. The event was a nationwide collaboration as live tweets provided exciting ideas and projects teachers used across the country. Overall, it was a day of adults with childlike spirit and imagination shaping the way our future generations will learn and discover the world around them.


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