Students in Space – Where Would You Live?

esigmanBy Emily Sigman

In celebration of Space Day, we’re featuring student work from Mineola Middle School in Mineola, NY. Mr. Vince Interrante’s fifth grade students worked in collaborative teams to explore the solar system with the goal of finding a location that may be able to sustain life and be colonized in the future. 

The students used Discovery Education and resources from NASA as a means to construct knowledge of our Solar System, then presented their findings using Discovery Education Board Builder.

Both teams decided they would select Jupiter’s moon Europa because of its water, atmosphere, and its potential to sustain human life; but it still seems a bit cold and inhospitable to me.

This assignment raises some interesting questions about where else in the universe we might consider colonizing. If you and your students have some ideas, we’d love to see how you would respond to this task!

Click the boards to learn more from these students.



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