New Board Builder Enhancements

We’ve added some new features to Board Builder to make collaborative board building easier than ever!

If you’ve built and shared a board since April 25, you may have noticed a new option on the sharing screen.


As you can see, on the right, you have new options when you share your board. You can choose the first option, “Others can save and edit a copy of this board”, if you want other users to be able to save your board and build upon your efforts.

If you wish to make the board read-only, you can choose the second option, “Others can save and view a copy of this board”. Naturally, this allows other users to save a copy to their My Content, but does not allow them to edit the board.

Whichever option you choose, your personal copy of the board will be unaffected, so feel free to allow your colleagues to benefit from the fruits of your labor! Copied versions of your board will still list you as being the original creator, along with any other users who have made edits to it as well.



These new enhancements apply both to teacher and student boards, opening up a brand new avenue of class collaboration!


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  1. Audra Barton said:

    I am so excited about the able to share and edit feature. Now all of the fifth grade teachers in our county can collaborate.
    Thanks so much for making this amazing resource even better!!

  2. Rodney said:

    I was excited to read about the possibility for collaboration. However, this will not work for student collaboration. Giving all the students in a school (1,100) in my case, access to the board, is not collaboration.

  3. Dorothea Hackett said:

    My students still see just sharing with me? How do they see the options you mention above?

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