DEN Teacher Appreciation Week: Wednesday

I2015-05-01_13-43-38t’s Teacher Appreciation Week and your entire Discovery Education team would like to say thank you for everything you do for students. We have a special treat just for STAR Discovery Educators* each day from a few of our friends.

storyboard-that-logo-1200x1200We are thrilled to share two gifts today for STAR Discovery Educators. This first is from our friends at StoryboardThat. StoryboardThat provides users with templates, both 3 frame and 6 frame to help create a story. The site provided many scenes, characters, and text bubbles to complete the frames. This is a great way for students to create simple stories or to share their learning.  

For Teacher Appreciation Week, our friends at StoryboardThat are providing the first 500 STAR Discovery Educators who sign up by May 10 with a FREE six month account. This teacher account allows you to create accounts for your students as well.


The second gift comes from our friends at GoAnimate for Schools! Engage your students with video, while incorporating technology into your classroom. Flip your classroom. Explain difficult-to-visualize concepts. Plan creative assignments and stimulate critical thinking.

STAR Discover Educators will get a free trial will give you and 49 students unlimited access to GoAnimate for Schools through September 30, 2015. Make as many videos and characters as you need.

 Thanks for being a STAR Discovery Educator. We hope you enjoy 
your gifts from StoryboardThat and GoAnimate.


To access these Teacher Appreciation Week gifts, log in to and click on the Community (DEN) tab. Then, click on Teacher Appreciation Week logo in the DEN STAR Links section and you’ll find all the information you need to take advantage of this great offer. Here’s a video to help you find your way.

STAR links


*Not a STAR Discovery Educator? Like sharing with others what you’ve learned? You can be!

Log in to Discovery Education. Click on Community (DEN) about halfway down the page, and learn more about taking the next step with your Discovery Education Community. Not only will you get opportunities like this one, but you’ll connect with some of the most passionate education professionals in the world.


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    The folks at Storyboard That said we should fill out a form on this page and give our username, then they will let the lucky ones know on May 10. Do we leave that here?

    • Porter Palmer said:

      Hi Suzanne, Since this is only for STAR Discovery Educators, the link is behind your Discovery Education log in. Scroll back up in the post and look for instructions on how to find the form. If you still have trouble, our friendly Customer Support team will walk you through every click. I promise! 800.323.9084 Happy Teacher Appreciation Week.

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