Ignite Your Passion For Discovery: The Niagara Falls Edition

ignite logo186 tweets, 11 speakers and 90+ people later, another Ignite event is in the books. This time we gathered in beautiful Niagara Falls, ON during the CanConnect conference where we had speakers from 4 provinces and our first ever US presenter share their stories of what they are discovering. Three superintendents and six classroom teachers along with me and Steven Anderson share stories of family, loss, failure, exploration and insight.

Steven Anderson: “The Journey of a Life Long Learner”
Brian Aspinall :”The Life of an 80’s Baby”
Zoe Branigan-Pipe: “My Ultimate Pipedream”
Andrew Campbell: “The Day My Teaching Changed”
Michelle Cordy: “Mindset. Failure. Now What?”
James Gill: “Kids Like Real”
Chris Kennedy: “A World of Flexibility and Networks”
Jamie Reaburn-Weir: “Finding My Inner Child”
Dean Shareski: “10 Years of Blogging, You’d Think I’d Learn Something”
Chris Smeaton: “Changing Paradigms, Lessons from a Non-Compliant Child”
Jordan Tinney: “The Little Things are Big”

A number of people indicated this was their favorite part of the conference and were inspired and challenged by the speakers as well as the great networking opportunity.  That I get to host these types of events is both humbling and mind-boggling. They are about community and bringing people together. That’s what the DEN is and I’m proud to make that happen. Watch for an Ignite event coming to your city soon.

Here’s a small collection of tweets that only begin to capture the essence of the event.


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