DEN Community Member of the Week: Mavis Hoffman

CMOTW resizedThis week’s DEN Community Member of the week is Mavis Hoffman from Living Sky School Division in Saskatchewan, Canada. Mavis is a grade 8 homeroom teacher and Tech Leader at Luseland School and has been using Discovery Education Resources for about 5 years. She shared “I love the board builder and being able to share the videos with my students. I love being able to supplement my Math class with videos. Having my students hear another voice besides mine is great. ”
How do you start your day?
I check my messages and then jump in the shower.

Why did you become a teacher?imagejpeg_2_edit1
I enjoyed working with children and adolescents and thought I could make a difference.

What is a ritual you have in your classroom?
Friday afternoon sharing of highlights of the week. It helps us all reflect on our week and to be grateful for the things that we have done.

How are you involved in education aside from your role as educator?
I have loved mentoring pre-service teachers from the U of Regina the last few years though Dean Shareski.

What advice do you give to a teacher who is hesitant to use digital media in their classroom?
Start small. Pick one tool and go for it!

IMG_20150406_105443_panoramaWhat advice do you have for first year teachers?
Relax. Some things will work, some things won’t. Remember you’re teaching children not curriculum and have fun with them. It’s all about the relationships you create with them that will matter in the long run.

What sites do you visit to assist in your teaching practice?
I use twitter. I follow many great educators and because they choose to share, I benefit from all their knowledge.

What other organizations/groups are you a part of?
I am a part of my school divisions tech team. This has enabled me to attend and network with many others who love using technology in their classrooms.

What is your most memorable experience with the DEN?
I attending DENSI 13 in Vermont. I met so many great people!

When you’re not working, where are we most likely to find you?
In the summer you would find me working in my yard, at a campsite, or on a ball diamond or golf course. In the winter, you would find me at a hockey rink.IMG_20141128_145033

What is your favorite kind of donut?
Maple Dip

How can others connect with you?, @mavishoffman


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