DEN Community Member of the Week: Anne Truger

Anne is the Director of Ed Tech Innovation at Waukegan Public Schools in Illinois. She shared “I was Anneuglydoll.jpgone of the lucky ones chosen to join the DEN for the first and only Foating Excursion. I can honestly say that that eventful week changed the course of my career! I would not be where I am now if It wasn’t for my experiences with the DEN.”

How do you start your day?
I start my day listening to my Glides on the way to work. Upon arrival at work I check my email, Twitter and Facebook. Next I move to my Busy Cal to see what is on the agenda for the day.

861853561_39a8d66cf8_o (1)Why did you become a teacher?
I always knew I was destined to be a teacher. I come from a HUGE family of teachers, it was a no brainer for me.

What is a ritual you have in your classroom?
I am not in the classroom anymore but something I used to do with students and now do with fellow DEN (Glidiators – DEN people who use Glide) family members is the “Friday Dance”. On Fridays I would stand up and do a little dance and sing the Friday song. It is very silly but people really look forward to this ritual. I think it gives people something to look forward to and lets them smile.10459010_10152479346982525_2448162045991910230_o

How are you involved in education aside from your role as educator?
I do a lot of presenting around the country at different ed tech conferences and learning opportunities. I’m also the ICE Conference committee, Social Events Chair.

What advice do you give to a teacher who is hesitant to use digital media in their classroom?
Take a chance! If done right digital media will enhance your lessons far beyond your wildest dreams. I recommend checking out the Spotlight on Strategies series for unique, exciting, simple ways to effectively integrate digital media into your curriculum.

What advice do you have for first year teachers?
Take it slow. Know you are going to make mistakes and be willing to learn from those mistakes.I would also highly recommend that they join or create a PLN for extra support. Just go with the flow. My personal mantra is “If you are flexible, you can never get bent out of shape”.

10378087_10204214381300356_1218560522333266056_nWhat sites do you visit to assist in your teaching practice?
I am a die hard Google Apps user, so many of the sites I go to on a daily basis are google related. I am also a Twitter and Facebook poster. My next go to would be my Feedly page where all of my RSS feeds from the variety of blogs that I follow aggregate to one place.

What other organizations/groups are you a part of?
I am a Google Certified Teacher, a Tech4Learning Innovative Educator, Glidiator, Driving Diva and Keeper of the Lighthouse Lead Learners in Waukegan with my partner in crime, Mary Mlinar- Stephens.

When you’re not working, where are we most likely to find you?
You are most likely to find me traveling around and learning. Random fact: I’m also a Disney nut!

What websites do you visit daily or weekly for your own interests?774948_10151221197881048_1423578921_o
I am a TV junkie and do research on my shows, my favorite correspondent is Michael Ausiello from TV Line.

What is your favorite kind of donut?
Chocolate Long John

How can others connect with you?

Connect with Anne and share your favorite ways to use digital media in the classroom!


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