Future@Now: A New Math Experience


For decades, math education has been a lightning rod for controversy. As educators, experts, and policymakers have debated the “right” way to teach mathematics, American students continue to lag further behind their international peers and superintendents and Boards of Education continue to search for solutions. The most recent NAEP scores show that only one-quarter of U.S. high school seniors are performing solidly in math. Greater numbers of students are leaving high school unprepared for college level math and greater numbers of U.S. workers do not have the math skills to fill the jobs of the future.

We could very well be at a tipping point and it is time that we start to influence this negative math narrative.

Watch as a panel of experts from diverse fields discusses the wide-ranging implications of math achievement in the United States. Then, visit the archive to watch the formal launch of Math Techbook™, the latest in breakthrough digital textbooks from Discovery Education.

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