Lively Lessons: Interactive Resources

In addition to videos, images and audio files, there are over 400 interactive resources in Discovery Education Streaming, and even more in the Techbooks. Interactives include explorations, games, fun-damentals, interactive maps, and skillbuilders. This group of resources allows students to take a virtual field trip, practice math facts, explore scientific processes and practice mapping skills. Many of these resources are skill builders that may have been done in worksheet form in the past. By assigning these digital resources, educators can provide engaging content that is at each learners level.

There are a couple of ways to access the interactive resources. The first is to do a blank search- leave the keyword space empty and select interact from the search drop down box.


Next you can narrow by subject area and grade level to access interactive resources that will work in your classroom.


You can further narrow your results by language (English or Spanish) and look for those with related materials- such as Teacher Guides and Student Guides.



Below are some of our favorite Interactive Resources- Explore these resources and share how you could use them in your classroom!

WaterCycleButtonWater Cycle Skillbuilder: Presents an animation of each phase of the water cycle: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and infiltration.


beingaliveBeing Alive Fun-damental: What do you have in common with a gerbil or a geranium? All living things have basic needs. Come explore what plants and animals need to stay alive as they grow.

mathdojobuttonLeon’s math Dojo: Leon the Chameleon is ready for a workout with the punching bags at his Math Dojo. Leon responds to each of your selections with an awesome martial arts move.

pytheorm Pythagorean Theorem Skill Builder: Proves the Pythagorean Theorem and explores uses for the formula in real-world problems.

FtSumterButtonPanoramic Virtual Tours Fort Sumter: Tour Fort Sumter, the sea fort known as the site that began the American Civil War, in this virtual field trip. Explore all of the Virtual Tours

cluemapsClue Maps: North America: Put together North America! Clues help you choose which country puzzle pieces are needed to complete the map.

quizshowThe Whaddaya Know Quiz Show: Nutrition: So, what do you know about nutrition? Be one of the zany contestants on this game show and find out! Play against the computer or with your friends.

punctuationpaintballPunctuation Paintball: Ready…Aim…Punctuate! That’s what the arcade-style Punctuation Paintball game is all about. Hit the sentence boards with the right punctuation to score points.

sonnetsSonnets Skill Builder: Defines a sonnet as a fourteen-line poem with a specific rhyme scheme. Also presents examples of Italian, English, and Spenserian sonnets.


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