Calendar of Cool: Pablo Picasso’s First Art Exhibition

On June 24, 1901, the first exhibition by Pablo Picasso was held at the gallery of Ambroise Vollard. At this time, Picasso was only 20 years old, but had been producing stunning works of art since a very young age. His father was determined that Picasso should become a great artist and achieve the artistic success that he had never managed to grasp himself. He even borrowed money to send Picasso to art school, where he studied in the tradition of great Spanish masters such as El Greco.


The 1901 exhibition consisted of paintings and drawings in a variety of styles and brought Picasso financial success. Picasso is considered one of the greatest geniuses in art history. Together with Georges Braque, Picasso founded Cubism. Cubism is a form of art whereby the artists break up the subjects into several different pieces, enabling the audience to view the various aspects of the faces of the subject simultaneously.


Although Picasso was primarily a painter, he also did sculptures, collages and even produced some poetry.

picasso3The first exhibition of a talented young man who would become one of the most important modern artists in history? Amazingly cool!


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