iMake iLearn – Osmo Me Some DE Images

iMake iLearn

Since the arrival of our Osmos, I have been in love with this technology.  I love that this device provides my students with the ability to interact between the physical and the virtual world.  I started with Tangrams which were an instant hit with kindergarten through fifth grade students in our SP Design Lab.

In March, Masterpiece was released and I have enjoyed watching our students find their inner artist.  Masterpiece allows students to select an image and helps them to transfer the image from the iPad to the paper.  I watched in awe as so many of our students completely recreated complicated images to paper.  Our Osmos became the go to technology during SP Design Lab time.

But what would happen if I combined two powerful products together?

The power of interaction between the virtual and physical world is just one of the great features of the Osmo…. but what if I took another of my favorite educational resources and combined them together.  My other great love is Discovery Education so I decided to create my own “mash-up” using the My Osmo feature and my Discovery Education account…. check out the results.

Consider purchasing an Osmo and donating another Osmo to your school through Buy 1 Donate 1.  Take the power of Discovery Education images and use it with the Words app like the tutorial shows or use one of the many images in Masterpiece to draw your favorite image.


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