SOS Series Celebrates the 10th Birthday of the DEN!

This week we’re excited to celebrate 10 years of the Discovery Educator Network by bringing you a new SOS series for the summer called SOS Twists. We will be featuring your best resource, each other, in the posts!  Each week, during July and August, you will hear from fellow community members who are taking the SOS strategies and giving them a unique “twist.”  You will see examples of what those strategies look like in real classrooms. We hope you will be inspired to use the SOS strategies with your students.

All of the SOS strategies are available in  PDF and  Video Vignette format, making it quick and easy for you to access and share the strategies with your colleagues and friends.   Look for your favorite strategies to be highlighted in the coming weeks, or find a new strategy to try in your classroom this fall!

Do you have an idea for a Spotlight on Strategy? Share it with us here!



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