Swim with Sharks During the Worldwide Summer Adventure!

As your summer adventure heats up, its now time to swim with the sharks. Find out how you can create a social media page for your favorite shark, complete with photos, #hashtags, status updates, and reactions to Discovery Channel’s Shark Week.

Since the summer of 1988, Discovery Channel Shark Week on has been raising awareness and respect for sharks through exciting, educational, and entertaining programming.

Sharks fascinate us with their leathery skin, prominent dorsal fin, and aggressive hunting, but how well do you know one of the ocean’s apex predators? Here are a few facts that might surprise even the biggest shark “finatic,” including more about glow-in-the-dark sharks, walking sharks, and suntanning sharks.

Top Ten Shark “Fin” Facts:

  1. To sustain their massive size, body heat and constant movement, great whites must eat an average of 11 tons of meat each year.
  2. At up to 40,000 pounds per square inch of pressure, a large great white shark’s bite is twice as powerful as a lion’s.
  3. According to limited recent studies, Greenland sharks are thought to be the longest-lived vertebrates on the planet – at 200 years, even outliving tortoises.

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