SOS: Summer Twist on Shake It Up Baby

School’s out for summer and your Discovery Education Community members are putting a twist on our SOS series.  Each week we will post how educators have taken their favorite strategies and made them their own.

Do you have an idea for a new SOS? Share it with us, so we can feature you!

Shake It Up Baby

Original PDF and Vignette

Twist provided by Cathy Houchin  from Watertown Unified School District in Wisconsin.   You can learn more about Cathy by following her on Twitter at @cathyhouchin .

The Shake It Up Baby Now strategy involves using a curriculum-based song and making up motions to go with it.  The students help explain the concepts by acting them out.  They film their work and then share their finished videos with classmates as a form of review.

When I use this strategy with students I pick a Discovery Education song and first teach it to the students.  When they are able to sing the song, we create motions to go along with it.  The students have to make decisions about who will perform different parts of the song, which involves teamwork and collaboration.  They work together to create a class video.

I’ve found that it works best to film the video without singing the song.  Next, record students singing the song and then combine the video and sound track together using a video editing application such as iMovie or Movie Maker.  You can record both audio and video at the same time, but I find that it is easier to get a quality finished product by focusing on one element at a time.  My classes share the completed music videos on our school website and on YouTube.



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