Edie Erickson’s DENSI 2015 Day 3 Recap

I took the liberty of re-publishing Edie Erickson’s blog post because it is full of wonderful information (and she is a wonderful blogger). Thanks, Edie, for posting daily. You can find Edie’s DENSI 2015 blog here.

Learning Galore!

Today was a day of learning and connecting! We started by meeting Lori McFarling, the Chief Marketing Officer for Discovery Education and by getting to know a couple of DEN Stars from my homestate of Michigan in celebration of the DEN being TEN! Check out the video here. We were then introduced to our opening speaker, Hall Davidson. I took notes at each of my sessions if I could, which I’ve included below. I also included the links for the archived LiveStream sessions so you can watch those if you missed out. For the collaborative notes taken by the whole DEN crew, check out DENSI2015.com or go here for the direct link.

From Robyn Thiessen @RobynThiessen

Opening Session – Hall Davidson

  • Watch the LiveStream Archive here.
  • All handouts: linkyy.com/HallDavidsonHandouts
  • Today’s presentation
  • Hardware:
    • HyperDuino -$59.95
    • Leap Motion  – $79.99
      • From website: “The Leap Motion Controller senses how you naturally move your hands and lets you use your computer in a whole new way. Point, wave, reach, grab. Pick something up and move it. Do things you never dreamed possible.”
    • Osmo – $79.99
      • From website: “Osmo is a unique gaming accessory for the iPad that comes with games that will change the way your child plays.”
      • Allows users to record them tracing something, but to the viewer, it looks like it is being drawn freehand
    • Penveu – $799.00
      • From website: “penveu is more than an “interactive whiteboard” or “smart board” – the penveu system puts the power of interactivity in the palm of your hand. You can use it directly on your display (touch mode) and from anywhere in the room (remote mode or penveu Pad mode), for better classroom and audience engagement.”
      • Basically, a more affordable way to incorporate a psuedo-smart board
  • 19689956992_3c159f06a3_kApps:
    • Chirp.io (in the app store) – share links using sound
    • Voyager
    • PinterestAtlanta Public School
      • “The b*****d children of PowerPoint
      • Picshare
      • PicCollage
      • Puppetpals
      • Puppetpals 2
    • Use PowerPoint as a platform, reinvent by saving images to use in other apps
    • Kahoot, instead of just doing the quiz, redo afterwords with the kids rating the quality of the question, for student created quizzes, students will be motivated to create thought provoking questions
    • Make a puzzle out of qr codes, clues/questions on the back, assembly qr code to find answer.

Session 1 – PBL in the Media Rich Classroom –  Patti Duncan @yoyosciteach

  • So, in this session, Patti shared with us some of the misconceptions of project based learning and the advantages of viewing it more as problem based learning instead. Due to technical difficulties, I wasn’t able to take many notes (I gave Patti my laptop to use), but she said she’ll post a link in Edmodo, so I’ll share that once she does.
  • https://energychallenge.wikispaces.com/

Session 2 – Bridges to STEM – Zulma Whiteford @zwhiteford

  • Our victorious tower! Image from Zulma Whiteford (@zwhiteford)

    Tacoma Narrows Bridge Video (on DE)

  • 4 C’s of STEM
    • Collaboration
    • Communication
    • Creativity
    • Critical Thinking
  • If kids can google a question to find the answer, then we’re asking the wrong questions
  • “If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original.” – Ken Robinson
  • Use sketch up to allow kids to design bridges, possibly print with 3d printer
  • Bridge-builder
  • Cargo Bridge
  • Engineer Encounters Bridge Design Contest

Session 1 & 2 Live Stream

Session 3 – Lights, Camera…Student Engagement – Karen Ogen @KarenOgen

  • Karen’s presentations
  • After lunch, I attended Karen Ogen’s session on motivated kids using video apps and tools. She gave us a quick overview, and then gave us the opportunity to explore a few of the apps. I especially liked Shadow Puppet. It is super easy to use and would be great for any class K-12! Basically, you select some pictures, add text, music, or both, then record yourself (or your students) narrating each photo. This would be great for poetry. I can see having the kids make some type of artwork, then writing poems about them. It would be neat to take a picture of their work and have them read their poem while recording.
  • I also played with the Silent Film Studio app. It is SO neat! You record video and make title cards to tell a story without narration. This would be a neat challenge to get kids thinking in another way.
  • There are lots of other apps that she shared, but those were my favorites. Check out more by viewing her presentation.

Image from Heather Hurley (@H270)

Session 4 – Coding in the Classroom…Adding a British Perspective

  • In this session, I got to hear from a number of people about how coding is being integrated into the curriculum in the UK classrooms. It was interesting to me that it is a required standard for students starting at age 5!
  • James Massey
    • @jmass100
    • james_massey@discovery.com
    • discoveryeducation.co.uk
      • Starting at age 5, students must be taught to code in UK
      • uk.code.org
      • Prepares students for careers in code, all about threading it into all subject areas
      • More than just the computer, it’s about thinking
      • Be creators, not consumers
      • Familiarize students with the language before starting on the computers (use DE Coding in the UK)
      • Human Robot (students write “coded” instructions, teacher follows code)

    Tracy Carpenter

    • @carptracy
    • Ozobot – students draw color codes and the robot follows the directions related to the code
      • S.S. Connection – use to trace battle routes on maps
      • IPad app goes along with it
      • Comes with premade templates, or you can create your own


    Matthew Wright

    Phillip Nottingham

    • @trysomeicytea
    • trysomeicytea.blogspot.com
    • Have to help the staff be more comfortable with coding to be successful
    • In his school, he would go into the class with a teacher, assistant, and the class, as students learn, the teacher learns as well with Phillip’s support and guidance to build teacher confidence (1st year of implementation) (also counted towards professional development for the teachers)
    • 2nd year, gave more control to teachers, provided cliff notes and lesson structures provided by DE Coding
        • Use QR codes to share gallery of apps created by students
        • bit.ly/springwellcoding

      Session 3 & 4Live Stream


      After dinner, the Michigan DEN members met up for a quick photo op, cause we’re just sweet like that. (Don’t forget to meet Sara and Jeremy Badiner via this beautiful video tribute!


      DEN-Mazing Racing!


      The DEN-Mazing Race was more amazing that ever this year! I was back with my teammate from Nashville, Ania, and two newbies, Isha and Katie, for #TeamFrosty! If you don’t know, the DEN-Mazing Race is modeled after the show, The Amazing Race. We break into teams and visit a number of stations, completing a series of tasks. This year, we had to take selfies at each station with our new selfie sticks, and I think we were all glad to find out, did not have to geocache. I love geocaching as much as the next person, but high stakes geocaching is very much not my thing. So anyway, once we found our first station, we actually made pretty good time, and HAD a good time as well! Best of all (for me at least, I’m sure JB disagrees), there was not a singing and/or dancing station!!! The weather was beautiful and the course was nice a compact, perfect for our low key team! It was a great night and it was so much fun to get to know Katie and Isha more, and to meet up with Ania again! It was a truly DEN-Mazing day all around!



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