SOS: Summer Twist on Puppet Pictures

School’s out for summer and your Discovery Education Community members are putting a twist on our SOS series.  Each week we will post how educators have taken their favorite strategies and made them their own.

Do you have an idea for a new SOS? Share it with us, so we can feature you!

Puppet Pictures

Original PDF and Vignette

Twist provided by DEN Guru, Conni Mulligan from North Carolina.   You can learn more about Conni by following her on Twitter at @curlyteach.

The use of puppets is a fun and creative way for students to connect with new vocabulary and concepts. In this strategy, students make their own puppets, develop image files, and create a finished postcard to narrate information.

The Puppet Pictures strategy involves having students use puppets to share their learning.  Puppets can also be used as subjects in static images. Start with the basic idea of taking pictures of any kind of puppet (such as paper dolls, images of the students, drawn pictures of the student, pool noodle puppet, etc.) on a green screen background.  Make them into transparent .GIF files to use as overlays for images found in Discovery Education.  These finished images can then be turned into postcards using iPad apps such as ChatterKid, ChatterPix, iFunFace, YAKiT and/or online with web 2.0 sites like Blabberize.

Postcard images that are created can be combined with narration from the puppet’s point of view.  Have students include information gathered during research. Puppetry in the classroom provides an fun and interesting vehicle for students to share their learning!  Visit this link to access many items that can be used as demonstrations or for projects in your own classroom.



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