Lively Lessons: Mythbuster’s Virtual Lab

2015-07-31_12-37-55This week’s lively lesson features an idea shared by DEN Educator Dacia Jones, a science specialist from Durham, North Carolina.

Lively Lesson Idea:
Use your favorite Mythbusters episode as a virtual teaching lab.
Example: When teaching force and motion; use the Toy Car -vs- Real Car episode. Set up a leaf blower and toy track in your room. As Adam and Jamie set up the myth- stop the video and recreate it in your classroom. 2015-07-31_12-50-04

Your students will think that Adam and Jamie are in the room with them. Watch it before hand and prepare questions for your students. Ask the questions and then press play to have Adam and Jamie answer them. One of the best things we have done this year for science.

Once you have completed the Mythbusters Episodes; move on to Bill Nye and more.

Subject Areas: Math, Science

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