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FEATURED SOSDo have an upcoming staff development meeting? Are you looking for a few creative ways to share digital integration strategies?  Here are some of our favorite ways to share the Spotlight on Strategies (SOS) series. Keep the ideas flowing by adding your favorite ways to share in the comments, below.

Packet Activity

  • We’ve featured our top 40 strategies in 10 different SOS packets, each containing four strategies. Download the packets here.
  • Print and staple enough copies of the packets so each of your colleagues can have one.
  • Distribute the packets so that people sitting near each other have different versions.
  • Provide your peers five minutes to read through their packets of four strategies, independently, and ask them to select their favorites.
  • Provide 10 minutes for participants turn to their neighbors and describe their favorite strategies. (Because no one sitting nearby has the same packet, each individual will be sharing a strategy his or her neighbor has not read about.)
  • If time permits, call on a few people to share out to the whole group.
  • For an added twist, have small groups determine their favorite from the share and then compete against other groups to name the top SOS.
  • Want to see our favorites and show examples of what they look like? Here’s a sample presentation featuring our community’s favorite strategies.

Speed DENing

  • For a quick networking activity, download and print the SOS packets, but do not staple them together, or download and print just your favorite SOS strategies.
  • Distribute one SOS to each person. Provide three minutes for everyone to read through his or her strategy.
  • Ask your participants to find someone with a different SOS than the one they have.
  • Set a timer for two minutes and tell your colleagues they must both share their strategies in the allotted time.
  • Repeat three or four times, so that each person learns a minimum of three new strategies.

Skill Set Integration Focus

  • Start by completing the SOS Packet or Speed DENing activity with the SOS Subskill Packet, above, use the new home page for the Spotlight on Strategies to show your colleagues how to dive into sub skills. (Log into Discovery Education and search “Spotlight on Strategies.” At the top of the page you’ll see the Content Collection. Select “View Strategies by Skill.”)
  • Dive into each sub skill and allow participants time to explore.
  • If time permits, show your colleagues a few of the top strategies within each of these sub skills, by using this sample presentation.

Digital Resource Integration Focus

  • How many times have you had to explain that Discovery Education has much more than videos? In each staff meeting, focus on a different type of Discovery Education resource (i.e. video, images, audio, etc.)
  • Determine which resource you will focus on and download the SOS Media Type Packet that correlates.
  • Use the videos (4-6 minutes in length) found in the Digital Integration Interactive Modules to begin your conversation. This will demonstrate how to find those types of resources within Discovery and instructional strategies that incorporate that asset type.
    • To access the Interactive Modules select “Professional Development” from your Discovery Education Tool Bar and click “View Courses” under the heading “Interactive Training.”
    • Find and select course two, “Digital Integration.”
    • Notice that the course is divided into five steps featuring videos, images, audio, and other resources.
    • Select the step to whichever resource you want to focus on for the meeting and access the video and printable guide, to find additional support.
  • Distribute the Media Type SOS Packets for your selected asset types and challenge your colleagues to use the highlighted resource (video, image, audio, etc.) with a particular SOS strategy.
  • When they come back for your next staff meeting, have your colleagues share which strategy they used and how students responded.
  • Repeat the following month with a different resource type.
  • If you have more time, here’s a sample presentation that breaks it down by media type.

We know there are dozens of other ways to highlight these strategies and look forward to learning how you are sharing the SOS with your colleagues, by reading your comments below.


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  1. Deb Thonus said:

    I have used Speed DENing as part of the Ambassador Program. It is a very effective way to introduce lots of SOS Strategies and still have time to hear integration ideas and applications from your participants. Have extra copies of the other SOS packets ready as most participants want to walk away with all 40. Giving your attendees a chance to explore the new DE search options for SOS Strategies by media type and purpose will give them an efficient way to sort through the most effective strategies to use for their particular learning objectives and chosen media.

  2. Jody Miranda said:

    I really wish to try the strategies presented here, but the links are not working for the packets and the presentation. How can I get a copy of these resources?
    Thank you!

      • Jody Miranda said:

        Thank you, but we figured it out. It had to do with your resources being housed at Our Tech department has made your links available to us. Thank you again!

  3. anky said:

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