SOS: Summer Twist on Tweet, Tweet!

School’s out for summer and your Discovery Education Community members are putting a twist on our SOS series.  Each week we will post how educators have taken their favorite strategies and made them their own.

Tweet, Tweet!

Original PDF and Vignette

Twist provided by Dacia Jones from Durham Public Schools in North Carolina.  You can learn more about Dacia by following her on Twitter at @dacia92.

Tweet, Tweet! is a great way to bring social media into the classroom without needing to use Internet access. Using Post-It notes, participants create tweets (140 characters or less) and create discussions, answer questions, or summarize knowledge. Here’s one way that Durham Public Schools are using this strategy with students, faculty and staff.

We are using the Tweet, Tweet strategy in classrooms, PLCs, school staff meetings, and district meetings. We create Twitter pages out of Dollar Tree shower curtains (see photo below.)  Students use them in the classroom to summarize their learning. Teachers use them to wrap up staff meetings, and district staff use them to practice their real-life tweeting. Our favorite applications with students are: summarizing, question answering, and posing conversations between scientists.



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