Top 10 of DE: Here’s Mine, What’s Yours?

“I have to present Discovery Education to my staff. What should I share?” I’ve seen the conversation arise on Facebook, Twitter, Edmodo, and Google+, so in light of everyone heading back to school, I thought I would share my favorite ten things to showcase in Discovery Education. Some may even be new to you! Don’t get me wrong, there are thousands, but if I only had 30-45 minutes to dazzle a group this is probably where I would start, particularly for those who think Discovery Education is simply a video library. I say we prove them wrong and start a digital media revolution this year! Who’s in?!?

This is a modified version of a presentation I hosted at our DENSI.  Feel free to download and make it your own. I even left some talking points in the presenter’s notes.

Access the file here.

Take a moment to share, in the comments, your favorite resources to highlight in Discovery Education and link any presentation you use.  Let’s put our collective brains to work and crowd source the best back-to-school with Discovery Education presentation.


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  1. Max said:

    This is an awesome BTS list! Thank you for sharing! I will definitely be passing this along.

  2. Paula Naugle said:

    Thanks for sharing these great ways to use DE in our classrooms. Yes, I want to be part of the digital media revolution.

  3. Michelle Brown said:

    This was a good reminder of the variety of resources, I tend to stick to 3 or 4, when talking to teachers about what is new. Board Builder gets the most comments from my teachers and I hope we will see the ability to do collaboration boards soon.

  4. AnkitSaini said:

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