Buncee and Student Creativity

bunceeLast year, my students had a chance to participate in a fun, collaborative project using buncee, the project was called Buncee Buddies. This past spring, as part of Teacher Appreciation Week, all STAR Discovery Educators had the opportunity to receive a free pro account to use with their students. I’ve used buncee with my students and they loved it. Over the summer, buncee went through a big update and the new features are fantastic. If you haven’t taken a look at the new site, please explore, you’ll like what you see.

At ISTE this summer, I had a chance to meet many of the people behind this great product. They are extremely nice people and great to work with. They are willing to help and answer questions when needed and are always looking for ideas to improve buncee so it’s better for teachers and students. This summer, the American Association of School Librarians announced their 2015 Best Apps and Best Websites list and buncee was one of the award winners!

Buncee is a perfect tool for students to share their learning and express their creativity. Buncee provides students the opportunity to be self-directed content producers. Students can tell their own stories with ease, adding images, video, and recorded voice that personalizes their story. I like how buncee helps students make connections with content through graphics, cited images, audio, video, and links. They can also include their own drawings as well. They can then publish and share their work in a variety of  ways.

Take a look at the video below for an overview of the “new” buncee.




  1. Mike said:

    Thanks for sharing this post about Buncee. It looks like a great tool for putting together student presentations. I’ve got a couple of quick questions if you don’t mind. First, is this something that the school would have to buy a license for so that students could use it in a computer lab or on tablets? Second, can these presentations be embedded on a website if we are building a website as a class project?

    Thanks in advance for any reply!

    • marie arturi said:

      Hi Mike …
      Thanks much for taking a look at buncee.
      Schools or teachers can purchase a buncee account and yes … they can absolutely be embedded.
      Please reach out to us – the buncee team … we’d love to chat and see how we can help.

  2. Bryan Falcon said:

    Thanks, Chad, for spreading the word, and congratulations, Buncee team! Your Best App award is well deserved!
    -Bryan @ Haiku Learning

  3. Marie said:

    Thanks Bryan – that’s a big compliment coming from you 🙂

    We so appreciate this post by Chad !

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