SOS: Summer Twist on Paper Slide

School’s out for summer and your Discovery Education Community members are putting a twist on our SOS series.  Each week we will post how educators have taken their favorite strategies and made them their own.

Paper Slide

Original PDF and Vignette

Twist provided by Genevieve Kahlweiss from the Diocese of Orange in California.  You can learn more about Genevieve by following her on Twitter at @kahlweiss.

The Paper Slide SOS involves students in explaining what they know in both words and pictures.  They create slides of information using paper, pencil and/or markers and crayons.  As they slide from one piece of paper to another they verbally explain the concepts they’ve learned about.

This year, my third grade students began using the Paper Slide strategy to explain how to work through math word problems. My students work in groups of three to create their presentations, with each group member taking on the role of narrator, videographer, or slide engineer. Using this strategy brings math literacy alive as students practice using math vocabulary in order to explain the concepts step by step and demonstrate how they solve the word problems. Students enjoy creating their own drawings to go along with the theme of the word problems.

After students create their paper slide video on iPads, they save it in their Google Drive account and share it with me. They then present their work to the class and I post to YouTube to share with parents.  This strategy embraces creativity, communication, collaboration and community, all in one presentation. The best part is that the students are so excited to share their presentations and they want to create more. They are motivated to collaborate with larger groups of students and they problem solve innovative ways to work through challenges such as deciding who will be the content creators and narrators for the videos.

Check out their stellar work!




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