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The summer months bring extreme weather to many parts of North America. Help your students understand the types of extreme weather, its causes and how to measure it as you study weather in a variety of classroom and subject areas.



2015-08-16_11-23-14K-5 As primary classrooms are working through the days of the week, months of the year and weather as part of morning meetings, there are a variety of resources to use. Use the song, Discovery Science Alliance: Weather to explore the changes that weather brings to earth and how weather differs each season of the year.
When learning how to create charts in math class, Elementary students might use the video segments from Discovery Science Alliance: What Day Comes After Today? to demonstrate how to observe, record, and predict weather patterns through the creation of weather charts.

Students can use interactive resources to explore more and reinforce vocabulary. Primary students can the My Four Seasons Interactive where they will help 2 charatcers learn what the seasons are like where they live. Elementary students might use the Weather Patterns Interactive to learn how news channels predict the daily weather.


6-8 In the segment,  The Ingredients of Weather Students will review the three components that dictate weather: sunlight, air and moisture. The segment summarizes the importance and influence of water. After watching the video segment as a class, assign small groups of students a type of weather. Then, ask them to complete a 2-1-4 activity (click for more details on this SOS activity).2015-08-16_11-21-52
1. Gather 2 facts, 1 clue, and 4 images about their topic. Students should access Discovery Education Streaming to learn more about their topic & use their textbooks and other learning resources.
2. Present the facts to the class one at a time.
3. Have class discuss the facts and make predictions about the what the topic might be.
4. Move on and share the clue. Ask the class to refine their predictions based on the new information they have.
5. Finally, share images. You could do this one by one, or all at once.
6. Ask the class to share their predictions in small groups, and then share out to the large group, providing justification for their predictions.


2015-08-16_11-20-219- 12 Show the video segments “Forecasting Tornadoes” from Raging Planet: Tornado and “Hurricane Formation” from Raging Planet: Hurricane on Discovery Education Streaming. After viewing the video, Students should create emergency protocol digital posters using Board Builder individually, with a partner, or in small groups. Students can select either emergency protocols for tornadoes, hurricanes, or other natural disasters. They should do additional research as needed. After completing digital posters, students may share their posters with the whole class or in small groups.
Here is a sample board from a student at Mountain View School.




Image Credits: Weather Forcast, Clouds


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