Lively Lessons: Math in Context

Working on your weekly lesson plans? This Sunday blog series, Lively Lessons, will provide you with Discovery Education content and lesson plan ideas!

A question math teachers often hear from students when a lesson gets complicated is a frustrated “When am I ever going to use this in the real world?” and who can blame the students? Making the connection between “solving for x” and daily life can be extremely difficult. Math instruction needs to go beyond the equation and teach students how to apply what they are learning in the classroom to the real world.

Luckily, Discovery Education has many resources to help both students and teachers answer this all-important question.

In Discovery Education Streaming, the brand-new Math in Context Content Collection offers a host of resources that demonstrate how to use math in the real world.


K-5: Volume Board: 
Have students research on the Internet or Discovery Education Streaming to select images related to perimeter, area, or volume and use these images to create a board on Board Builder… (See content collection for full lesson.)

6-8: Math in the Real World Silence Is Golden: Introduce the strategy by explaining to your students that they will be watching a video segment without the audio. Then, play “Cool Jobs in Science: Tony Hawk” from Head Rush: Bed of Nails on Discovery Education Streaming without the audio… (See content collection for full lesson.)

9-12: Blurt Out: Display essential questions, such as “What is graph theory, and how is it used in medicine?” while explaining to students that they will be looking for evidence to support their answers while watching a video… (See content collection for full lesson.)

Streaming isn’t the only service within Discovery Education that offers real life applications to math. Math Techbook features lessons for grades 6-8, Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry. The brand new techbook uses a Discover, Practice, Apply cycle that balances conceptual learning, procedural fluency, and application to real world problems so students gain lasting proficiency. If you are interested in requesting a preview for Math Techbook, fill out your school’s information here.


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