SOS: Summer Twist on Paper Chat

School’s out for summer and your Discovery Education Community members are putting a twist on our SOS series.  Each week we will post how educators have taken their favorite strategies and made them their own.

Paper Chat

Original PDF  and Vignette 

Twist provided by Alison Schleede from Wake County Public Schools in North Carolina.  You can learn more about Alison by following her on Twitter at @aschleede

Paper Chat is a great way to get students thinking without speaking and it gives all students equal opportunities to voice their thoughts.  Some students may be reluctant to write on the butcher paper when others can see what they are writing.  One way to mix it up would be to have students complete this in small groups.  The group of students can move around to see what is written in other groups.  You could also pose different questions for each group.

I work with adults and I’ve found this strategy useful in professional learning sessions.  It works the same way as with students, providing adults with an opportunity to voice their concerns/opinions/thoughts on a question.  The posters provide a visual record of information and ideas as participants process and consider next steps they’ll take with what they’ve learned.




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