Ignite Your Passion is Back

The plan was simple.  Choose a region full of passionate educators. Find 10 or so people willing to share a 5-minute talk. Select a pub or restaurant where folks could gather. Invite 100 or so friends and strangers and watch the magic happen.

These events were called, “Ignite Your Passion for Discovery” They were truly some most inspiring, exciting events I was privileged to attend and in this case host. Here are the quick summaries from last year’s events.

Winnipeg, Oct. 3
Edmonton, Oct. 8
Vancouver, Nov. 18
Ottawa, Feb. 25
Niagra Falls May 7

This year I’ll be continuing to host the Ignite Your Passion for Discovery events with the tagline: “What Are You Curious About?” All the talks will feature a leading and closing question that presenters will offer both as their own learning continues but to invite others to think and connect on their ideas. In addition, it’s my goal to feature as diverse a speaking group as possible. Last year we had a great variety across all the events, but I’d like to be more intentional at each site.  This means I’m looking for senior leadership people, district support personnel, community members, parents and of course teachers to share their curiosities. If the venue allows, students would also be a welcome and valuable addition.

Our first event kicks off in Winnipeg again on Sept 21. If you’re a Manitoba educator, I’d love for you to attend but am asking you to invite a colleague that might not read this or typically attend an event like this but that you know would benefit from an inspiring evening of talks and conversations.

I’ve not yet chosen all the sites for 2015-16 so if you’re interested in helping me host or would like to speak at one of our events, please contact me: dean_shareski@discovery.com


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