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Back to school is a great time to remind students the best way to protect themselves from germs. Whether you’re learning about how to prevent germs by washing your hands and how germs work in Elementary grades or if you’re exploring how diseases have evolved over time and effected communities in high school, there are numerous resources to support your lesson. Discovery Education’s recently updated content collection on Germs provides a number of digital resources to use with students of all age groups. Keep reading for ideas on how to make use of digital resources in your classroom.

2015-08-19_14-47-18How many germs are in a sneeze? 
Find out the science behind your sneeze with Head Rush: How Many Germs are in a Sneeze?


K-2: Surround Sound2015-08-19_14-36-16: As students enter the classroom, have the sound effect Human: Cough: Female from Discovery Education Streaming playing. If possible, set the sound to a loop so that it continues playing as long as needed. When students take their seats, ask them to close their eyes and visualize a scene in which the sound is occurring… Click here to access the full Germs Content Collection and all K-5 lesson starters.

3- 5: Respiratory System Partner Time:
After students view the “Keeping the Respiratory System Healthy” video segment, discuss with students some of what they have learned about the respiratory and circulatory systems and keeping these systems healthy. Next, provide each student with a copy of the clock partners template. Instruct students to place their name in the upper right-hand corner of the paper. Explain to students that they will be circulating around the room to make appointments to discuss the video segment with different partners…  Click here to access the full Germs Content Collection and all K-5 lesson starters.

Student Created Board from Rockwood South Middle School

Student Created Board from Rockwood South Middle School


6- 8: Vaccine Infographic: Instruct students to read the encyclopedia article “Germ,” and tell them to think about what they know about vaccines, and how they can help stop the spread of disease. Invite students to work in small groups with Board Builder to create an infographic that describes how vaccines were developed and why they work… Click here to access the full Germs Content Collection and all 6-8 lesson starters.

9- 12 Going Viral: After viewing The PBS NewsHour: Disease Detectives Track Ebola at the CDC ask students questions about what they saw. Then, guide students to discuss the menaing of the phrase “going viral” in a digital context, and elicit critical thought and discussion about the relationship between that use of the term “viral” and the use of the term in a public-health context…  Click here to access the full Germs Content Collection and all 9-12 lesson starters.




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