5 Ways to Use Discovery Education – August Edition


We welcomed the Discovery Education Community back-to-school last Monday evening on another 5 Ways to Use Discovery Education webinar.  Each month we are highlighting DEN Community members as they share five unique strategies, tools, or resources for using Discovery Education in your classroom.


Dean welcomed our colleague Jannita Demian (@jdemian) who opened by sharing ways to present the Spotlight on Strategies in a professional development setting. You can find this strategy and others inside of Discovery Education by typing in the keywords “Spotlight on Strategies”.

I transitioned by showing off the Professional Development section of Discovery Education.  This is another way to find the Spotlight on Strategies inside of Discovery Education, grouped by category. While we were there, I walked through the Discovery Education Interactive Trainings.  These self-paced modules are perfect for brushing up on how to integrate DE into your classroom.

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DEN Guru Jen Wagner (@jenwagner) from California showed how she keeps educators connected to the DEN Summer Institute, even if they can’t attend, through the #NotAtDENSI group.  You can see those educators here http://goo.gl/RyMnyd and watch her video to learn more.


Jessica Donaldson (@donaldsonSC) from South Carolina shared her appreciation of another free program from Discovery Education called Manufacture Your Future.  She discussed how the curriculum works for her during school and in her after-school STEM Club.  Join us on October 2nd at 1pm ET for our live virtual field trip!


Dacia Jones (@dacia92) from North Carolina wrapped up the event sharing a STEM engagement strategy she created for her schools called STEM Minutes.  She includes mini-projects and challenges tied to Discovery Education content for use in 15 minute, digestible segments.  Learn more here:


Thank you to our presenters and to those who joined us.  If you’re interested, please join us next month on Monday, September 28th at 7pm ET by clicking on the event at the Discovery Education Events calendar: http://www.discoveryeducation.com/Events/

Do you have unique strategies for using Discovery Education?  Let us know by completing this form: https://lrougeux.wufoo.com/forms/5-ways-survey/


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