Discover Mount Kilimanjaro from the Comfort of Your Classroom

Kilimanjaro Expedition

The GLOBE Program, GLOBE AFRICA, Colorado’s St. Vrain Valley School District and Discovery Education are proud partners in a scientific and learning expedition to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

About the Hike

Embarking on the expedition will be 10 students, 12 educators, and 4 scientists representing Nigeria, Oman, South Africa, Tanzania, and the United States. This international team will attempt to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the world’s Seven Summits, and the tallest mountain on the African continent.

Follow along as they explore the incredible terrain of the mountain as well as the culture and surrounding wildlife. Each day, the team will submit a blog post that will capture their unique perspective on the journey through the eyes of the students, teachers and scientists.

Learning Objectives

From the scientific study of atmospheric and geographical conditions, to the history of the indigenous people that call the base of the mountain home, this is a cross-curricular adventure that includes guided content for all ages.

Learn about the changing climate and terrain as team members advance towards the summit and GLOBE scientists report on their findings.


Lesson starters and Content Collections detailing Kilimanjaro’s various biomes will also be available online at by clicking on the interactive image.

Join the Adventure

Want to get involved? Have your students follow along the blog posts, track the scientific findings, and ask questions on Twitter by tweeting @DiscoveryEd using the hashtag, #DiscoverKili.

Not on Twitter? Email your questions directly to the team at

Watch the Virtual Field Trip

Discovery Education will further support this expedition by hosting a Virtual Field Trip in October. Broadcasting live from St. Vrain Valley School District in Colorado, the Virtual Field Trip will provide students with the opportunity to hear about Mount Kilimanjaro first-hand from educators who climbed the mountain. Students will also be able to explore the findings of the educational expedition and learn more about real-world applications of the research.



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    Hey there! What transportation did you use to get to Africa and how long did it take? Is there a specific food or drink you can only drink or eat there? Does it tire your legs? Do you miss your family? What made you want to go to this mountain? What types of animals live up there? Do you have signal? Can you contact your family or call for help if you need it? What new things did you learn? What experiments did you do? Thanks for your time and hope to hear back! Have fun, bye!

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