Lively Lessons: Seasonal Change

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This coming week, September 23 to be exact, marks the first day of autumn. Not only does the annual autumnal equinox create colorful, picturesque landscapes, it also offers students a great lesson about Earth’s position in space. Explore resources related to the changing of seasons by accessing the newly created content collections Autumn and Seasonal Change on Discovery Education Streaming.

2015-08-19_14-47-18Why does the tilt of the Earth create seasons?
Learn about the relationship between Earth’s tilt and the seasons with Science Video Vocab: Solstice.

K-2: Rhyme Sign Autumn Time:
In this activity, students will practice using American Sign Language to demonstrate understanding of rhyming word pairs. You will need to provide students with a reference for some simple ASL signs, which can be found online. Introduce the activity by demonstrating the ASL sign for the word “rhyme.” Let students practice the sign… Click here to access the full Autumn content collection and all K-5 lesson starters.

3-5: Get VENN-y with the Seasons: Display the image Fall trees and the image Deciduous forest in spring (2) on Discovery Education Streaming side by side. Ask students to identify each image and compare and contrast them, citing evidence from the images to support their observations. Record student responses in a class Venn diagram… Click here to access the full Seasonal Change content collection and all the K-5 lesson starters.

6-8: Six-Word Story about Autumn: Introduce the “six-word story” idea to your students by creating a simple six-word story about the seasons (for example, “Every year the seasonal pattern repeats”). Then show students the Tree in Autumn image from Discovery Education Streaming… Click here to access the full Autumn content collection and all 6-8 lesson starters.

9-12:  The Reason for the Season: After students view the video segment Causes of the Seasons from The Seasons on Discovery Education Streaming, ask them the following questions: In your own words, what is a season? How would you describe the weather in each season? What is the relationship between the sun and Earth that causes seasonal changes? About how long is each season?… Click here to access the full Seasonal Change content collection and all 9-12 lesson starters.


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