What Are You Curious About? The Winnipeg Edition

This Monday we kicked off another series of “Ignite Your Passion for Discovery” in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Educators in Manitoba have only been back at work for a couple of weeks and yet 85 of them gathered for 10 inspiring talks and great conversations.

This year’s sub-theme asks the question, “What Are You Curious About?’ Topics ranged from running to Indigenous people to student’s changing the world to the challenge of a Superintendent trying to make learning more engaging. These talks fostered and fueled great conversations and connections.

Thanks to DEN Star Andy Mckiel who made all the arrangements. The Winnipeg area has a great community of learners and we’re privileged to this opportunity for them to share and connect.

I hope to release most of the talks over the next while. To get you started, here’s Janice Mattheman sharing her story about running.


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