Kilimanjaro Expedition Travel Journal Entry 2

Park Gate to Forest Camp 
2,998 to 7,998 feet
Cultivated Land to Rain Forest

The Xpedition is off to a good start. Most of the day was spent getting our gear together, loading it onto the bus. Then we had a long bus ride to the park gate. After our guides registered each of us in with the Park Guides, we were finally cleared to enter the Kilimanjaro National Park.

One thing that is hard to get across in pictures is how big the mountain actually is. Mt. Kilimanjaro gets its name from the Swahili name, Kilima “hill or little mountain” and Njaro for “white or shining”. It lies on the border of Tanzania and Kenya, just south of the Equator. Kilimanjaro with its three volcanic cones, Shira, Kibo and Mawensi is an inactive volcano, part of the Great African Rift Valley, which extends to the west. Kilimanjaro is almost 70 miles wide.

Spirits are high and excitement is building. We are starting our journey by walking in the rain forest. Its not really raining, but everything is damp and cool. There is a mist around us, like being in the clouds… fog. This weather is typical of a rain forest. The ground is wet. We are spending our first night in an area dense with trees and shrubs. This area is named “Forest Camp”.

Virtual Field Trip
October 8 | 1:00 PM ET

Students can also get involved by participating in a virtual field trip once the Expedition has returned from Tanzania. Don’t forget to submit your classes questions by tweeting @DiscoveryEd with the hashtag #DiscoverKili – your class may get their questions answered live on air!


Learning Objectives

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