Fun Fact Friday: Albert Einstein

The are few historical figures more interesting and amusing than Albert Einstein, so it’s probably not surprising that there are a number of fun and amazing facts about the legendary scientist!

  • When he was a small boy, his father let him play with a compass, which fascinated Einstein, and sparked his interest in science.
  • He never learned to drive, but was photographed riding a bicycle.
  • Einstein patented his own version of the refrigerator, but it was unsuccessful in comparison to Freon based fridges.
  • He didn’t like to wear socks.
  • Einstein didn’t start talking until age 3.
  • He held over 20 patents.
  • Einstein liked to sail, but wasn’t very good at it, and named his boat Tinnef (which means “junk”).
  • He didn’t know how to swim.
  • When he was asked to be the second President of Israel, Einstein declined, reportedly citing that he wasn’t good with people.

As you can see, Albert Einstein wasn’t only a groundbreaking scientist, but a fascinating person as well!





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