Kilimanjaro Expedition Travel Journal Entry 4

Shira 1 Camp to Lava Tower
11,499 to 14,442 feet
Heath Zone to Moorland

Today we stopped to take a close look at the skull and bones of an elephant that is thought to be killed around 1980. It is amazing that such a big animal made it so far up the mountain. We are at 13,661 feet. Was it looking for water or food or did it just possess the soul of an explorer?

There is very little vegetation at Lava Tower Camp. It’s as if you are on the moon. All you see are rocks, dust, and walking around is much more difficult than at lower elevations, due to the high altitude and low oxygen levels in the air. Off in the distance Mt Meru, Kilimanjaro’s sister volcano is watching over us in a mysterious veil of haze.

Each night we eat together and then students and our team of scientist and GLOBE teachers recap what we experienced on the trail. We then answer as many questions from our Online Team Members as possible and get them ready to post early the next morning. We spend the rest of our time talking about the student’s research questions and collected data.

One of the most difficult aspects of this trip is finding energy to power our equipment such as computers & satellite phones. We have a small generator that our porters kindly carry from camp to camp for us but we are also harnessing the energy of the sun with several solar packs.

Virtual Field Trip
October 8 | 1:00 PM ET

Students can also get involved by participating in a virtual field trip once the Expedition has returned from Tanzania. Don’t forget to submit your classes questions by tweeting @DiscoveryEd with the hashtag #DiscoverKili – your class may get their questions answered live on air!


Learning Objectives

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