Fun Fact Friday: Cheese

Did you know that specialized sellers of cheese are known as cheesemongers? It’s true! Becoming a cheesemonger takes training, years of experience, and the best part…..tasting lots of cheese! Making cheese  is another highly specialized field, and it’s no wonder, because there are hundreds of different kinds of cheese. From large cheese factories to small boutique cottage industries (cheese pun definitely intended!) the ways cheese is made is just as varied as the kinds of cheeses they make.

Here are some other fun facts about cheese.

  • English Stilton cheese, a white cheese with blue veins,  has protected status, and only cheese produced in the three counties of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Nottinghamshire can be called “Stilton”; thus cheese made in the village of Stilton cannot be called “Stilton”.
  • The art of cheese making is so ancient, there is no conclusive record to indicate when cheese originated
  • Some types of cheese are left inside a cave to age
  • Cow’s milk isn’t the only kind of milk used to create cheese. Cheese is made from goat’s milk and even yak’s milk!
  • Japanese Sakura (cherry blossom) cheese is flavored with cherry leaves
  • Limburger cheese is famous for having a stinky aroma
  • American cheese is a a processed cheese food, and thus not technically a cheese
  • “Swiss cheese” actually originated in the U.S.
  • Blue cheese gets its blue color from Penicillium spores that are added, which are from the same genus as the spores used to create the antibiotic penicillin.

What to learn more about cheese? Check out Farming and Agriculture: Cheese Factory on Discovery Education Streaming!


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