Lively Lessons: Kilimanjaro Expedition

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All week we’ve been following 10 students, 12 educators, and 4 scientists representing Nigeria, Oman, South Africa, Tanzania, and the United States as they attempted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, one of the world’s Seven Summits, and the tallest mountain on the African continent.

As they’ve explored the incredible terrain of Mount Kilimanjaro and the culture and surrounding wildlife, they’ve submitted blog posts to capture their unique perspective on the journey.

This week, we look forward to hearing even more reflections through a live Virtual Field Trip that will provide students the opportunity to hear about Mount Kilimanjaro from educators who climbed the mountain.

This Lively Lesson shares resources and activities you can use with your classes before, during, and after the Kilimanjaro Expedition Virtual Field Trip so your students can get a sense of what it might have been like on the trail, learn about the different biomes on Mount Kilimanjaro, and experience their own brand of place-based education.


Conversation Starter:

What is it like where you live? Think about your atmosphere, animal life, geography, precipitation, and culture. What would students, teachers, and scientists on an expedition to your area have to say about it?

Kilimanjaro Expedition Teacher Guide and Student Activities

Check out these student activities and teacher guides for ideas to add context, meaning, and depth to the Virtual Field Trip as students find out more about Mount Kilimanjaro and the expedition.  Activities include:

Where in the World is Mount Kilimanjaro, and What in the World Would I Pack to Go There?
In this activity, students are given information about each of the biomes that hikers pass through along their trek to Kilimanjaro’s summit. For each biome, students will consider what they would need to bring to hike comfortably in that specific environment. Then students will consolidate the items and revise their list until they have decided what items could be reasonably packed in a backpack.

Why in the World Would That Person Go to Mount Kilimanjaro?
For this activity, students will speculate why each science field, teacher group, and student group was invited, and then confirm or elaborate on the expedition members’ contributions given information from the Virtual Field Trip.


Discovery Education Resources to Explore:

Explore the Mount Kilimanjaro Content Collection, which has engaging lesson starters and learning activities by grade-band; or go into greater depth with the Content Collections for the specific biomes: Cultivated Areas, Rain Forest, Heath Zone (Grasslands), Moorland, Alpine Desert, and Summit.

See what it’s like to hike through the different biomes of Kilimanjaro with an overview of a trek to the summit.

Visualize what the expedition experienced by taking a close look at single images of Kilimanjaro’s biomes: Cultivated Lands, Rain Forest, Heath Zone, Moorland, Alpine Desert, Summit.

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